NSLA Celebrates 150 Years as a Federal Depository Library


Kathy Edwards
Government Publications Librarian
- December 23, 2013

The Nevada State Library and Archives (NSLA) is celebrating 150 years with the Federal Depository Library Program. NSLA has been a Federal Depository Library longer than Nevada has been a state and is one of the Nation’s oldest. The Federal Depository Library Program managed by the Government Printing Office, distributes United States Government Publications to over a thousand libraries throughout the United States so that the American people will have free access to government information.

In the Report of the Territorial Auditor for the year 1863, W. W. Ross wrote “The Territorial Auditor by virtue of his office is Territorial Librarian. During the past year I have had a room fitted with shelves in the rear of my offices, and the books removed thereto. There are about six hundred and fifty volumes, mostly Congressional and State documents, in the library.” This indicates that the State Library has been a depository of both Federal and State documents since it was a territory.

The Government Printing Office recently celebrated its 150th Anniversary. More information can be found in Keeping America informed: the U.S. Government Printing Office: 150 years of service to the nation. It is available online or in paper at the Nevada State Library and Archives.

Display cases commemorating the event can be found at the Nevada State Library and Archives at 100 North Stewart Street. For more information, contact Government Publications Librarian Kathy Edwards at 775-684-3329 or kedwards@admin.nv.gov.