Teri Mark is the new Archives and Records Assistant Administrator

Learn how Teri and her staff at Archives and Records can help your state agency


Mary Woods
Public Information Officer
(775) 684-0202
Carson City, NV - August 03, 2016

The Department of Administration, State Library, Archives and Public Records (SLAPR) Division is pleased to announce Teri Mark as the new Assistant Administrator for Archives and Records.

Teri has worked for State Library and Archives as the State Records Manager for 14 years. She is a Certified Records Manager, a Certified Public Manager, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Dakota.

In her new position as Assistant Administrator, Teri oversees the following programs: State Archives, State Records, and Imaging and Preservation Services (IPS). The role of State Archives and Records is to be the keeper of Nevada Government historical records for the public, historians, elected officials, students, and others, as well as to also provide assistance to state agencies to access and preserve their records.

“Records have always been an essential resource to the state,” Teri says. “Without trustworthy and reliable records, the state could not function. Agencies would keep records too long, spend too much money storing them, waste time looking for misplaced information, risk penalties for non-compliance with public records requests, and fail to retain mission-critical records. My goal in this position is to make certain every agency knows, understands and can make use of the services we can provide to make their agency more efficient and transparent.”

With the State’s renewed focus on increased efficiency and transparency of electronic records, the services provided by Archives and Records can lead to significant cost savings to agencies as they begin the conversion of existing paper records into digital format. Incorporating project management and intelligent software into the project budget can prevent delays or cost overruns later. By statute, an official State record cannot be destroyed without authority from an approved records retention schedule (NRS 239.080). The State Records program supports agencies in developing record retention schedules and training agency personnel on how to meet this statutory requirement. The State Archives programs supports state agencies by retaining government documents in a secure and organized environment which is accessible to state agencies and the public (NRS 378.240).

Another program within Archives and Records is the Imaging and Preservation Services (IPS) which is leading the way state agencies retrieve information. Using innovative digital conversion techniques, IPS is converting microfilm and paper documents into user-friendly digital images that can be accessed on an advanced electronic records management system. The system provides easy access to documents that were previously only available on microfilm or as paper documents.

Teri is a frequent speaker on records and information management topics for various business, government and professional groups, and has authored articles for professional journals. The Association of Records Managers and Administrators International published her book, Organize Your Office: A Small Business Survival Guide to Managing Records, which introduces records management practices to the non-records professional.

The previous Assistant Administrator for Archives and Records, Jeff Kintop, now serves as the SLAPR Division Administrator. Jeff is out of the office this week and Teri is serving as Acting Administrator in his absence.

To learn more about how the Archives and Records services can help your agency, you can reach Assistant Administrator, Teri Mark, at tmark@admin.nv.gov, or (775) 684-3323.