All Agency Memos from the Department of Administration

The purpose of the Policy Directive is to communicate information about policies, procedures and processes relating to matters overseen by the Department of Administration and its divisions. Each division is responsible for administering its own policy directives. All directives can be found here organized by division.

2019 Memos

Collective Bargaining All Agency Memo (2019-01) July 19, 2019

Collective Bargaining for State Employees (SB135)
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2018 Memos

ADA All Agency Memo September 12, 2018

Website Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
pdf document

AD-2018-02 All Agency Memo June 22, 2018

Statewide Office 365 Migration Plan
pdf document

AD-2018-01 All Agency Memo June 11, 2018

Switch Rackspace Colocation Memo and Guidelines
pdf documentpdf document

2017 Memos

AD-2017-07 Policy Directive All Agencies December 20, 2017

Kaspersky Lab Software Banned from Nevada Executive Branch
pdf document

AD-2017-06 Policy Directive All Agencies October 13, 2017

Purchase and Implementation of Microsoft Office 365
pdf document

AD-2017-04 Policy Directive to All Agencies July 13, 2017

FY18 & FY19 General Ledger Changes for EITS Billing
pdf documentpdf documentpdf document

AD-2017-03 Policy Directive to All Agencies June 16, 2017

FY18 D of A "Snatch-n-Grab" Billings Memo and Schedule
pdf documentpdf document

AD-2017-01 Policy Directive to All Agencies February 21, 2017

Technology Investment Request (TIR) Process
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All Agency Memos from Department of Administration Divisions

Division of Human Resource Management

Archive of DHRM Agency Informational Memos
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Fleet Services Division

Fleet Services Forms, All Agency Memos, and Manuals
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Purchasing Division

Archive of State Purchasing's All Agency Memos
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