Newly Signed Bill Declares the Nevada Commission for Women Necessary to Advance Women Toward Full Equality in All Areas


Mary Woods
Public Information Officer
(775) 684-0202
Carson City, NV - May 25, 2017

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval recently signed bill
Assembly Bill (AB) 258 which amends the Nevada Commission for Women’s creation document, NRS 233I, to provide more protection, expansion and clarification for the commission’s role to study the changing and developing roles of women in society and recommend proposed legislation. The Commission appreciates the bill sponsors and Governor Sandoval’s support.

The Commission has been busy since it became reactivated January 2016, studying the needs of Nevada women specific to what’s needed to successfully join the workforce and take care of their families. The Commission’s outreach efforts were received with overwhelming interest as over 500 people participated in workshops, email submissions, and/or an electronic survey to share their thoughts on what’s needed in Nevada. The Commission prepared an Executive Summary of the findings which is posted on their website ( and was distributed to Legislators during the 2017 Session.

Another objective for the Commission is to showcase more women in state government buildings. The Commission was fortunate to receive a display case from the NV State Museum, which it had relocated to the second floor of the State Capitol Building, Carson City, the most prominent of all state government buildings. The Commission then started inviting organizations interested in creating an exhibit to tell the story, from their group’s perspective, of the contributions women have made in and to Nevada. The first exhibitor was the Fourth Ward School Museum and the current exhibitor is the Women’s History Project. If your organization has a display idea, please contact Mary Woods,, (775) 684-0202.

The Commission for Women also plans to construct a video exhibit in the Grant Sawyer building, Las Vegas, to showcase the UNLV’s Women’s Research Institute of Nevada’s video project entitled “Makers: Women in Nevada History.” This magnificent video collection of historical interviews and stories from prominent Nevada women should be available for viewing by early fall.