David Haws appointed as Administrator for Enterprise IT Services


Mary Woods
Public Information Officer
(775) 684-0202
Carson City, NV - April 06, 2018

David Haws served in the role of EITS Interim Administrator starting February 6, 2018, and was appointed permanent Administrator April 6, 2018. As Administrator, David will manage Application Development, Client Services, Technical Operations, and Technology Investment Requests.

Throughout the 25-year-span of David’s IT career, he has always been passionate about helping organizations achieve excellent business results through the use of new and emerging information technology. As the EITS Administrator, David will manage the day-to-day operations of EITS to include all of the Agency and Enterprise IT services, and will actively improve their capabilities and processes to create better outcomes and customer service.

“I truly appreciate the opportunity to be appointed as EITS Administrator,” David said. “Successful and effective use of technology comes with its own challenges as well as opportunities. Nevada has a great future and successful use of information technology will continue to be part of it. I hope to contribute to its success.”

David reports directly to State Chief Information Officer Michael Dietrich, and David's direct reports include: Suzie Block, Chief IT Manager/Agency IT Services; Ken Adams, Chief IT Manager/Communications; and Tom Wolf, Chief IT Manager/Computing. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Information Technology from Boise State University.

For your records, here is David’s contact information:
T: (775) 684‐5898 | E: dhaws@admin.nv.gov | website: http://it.nv.gov/