New State of Nevada Chief Information Officer

Michael Dietrich selected as State CIO and D of A Deputy Director


Mary Woods
Public Information Officer
(775) 684-0202
Carson City, NV - April 02, 2018

Patrick Cates, Department of Administration Director, is proud to announce Michael Dietrich as the new State Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Deputy Director of Administration. Michael comes to us from the private sector, where he has enjoyed a successful career leading Development and Engineering organizations creating leading-edge products and infrastructure solutions. Most recently Michael was at Ericsson, Microsoft, and its subsidiary LinkedIn. Here he was a key leader in divestiture, M&A and global engineering activities, with a notable achievement leading the infrastructure, technical and workspace design for the Santa Clara Square Campus, commissioned to house the Microsoft Mediaroom business which was acquired by Ericsson.

“The technology landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Traditional Information Technology – the implementation of office, productivity tools and connectivity – is being rapidly supplanted by Digital Transformation: the movement of all business and information resources and functions into the digital realm,” said Michael. “The opportunity to apply my considerable experience and learnings to lead the digital transformation of Nevada is a dream come true. I am very excited about this role, and grateful for the opportunity to serve the State of Nevada.”

While not a native of Nevada, Michael has lived in the state most of his life. Since moving here over 30 years ago it is the place he calls home. When he is not immersed in the digital world, Michael enjoys cycling, motorcycling, sailing, and creating art and music.

Michael reports directly to Patrick Cates, and his direct reports include: David Haws, Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) Administrator; Bob Denhardt, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO); Alisanne Maffei, Chief, Research, Planning and Grant Management; and Michele Lynn, Management Analyst 3. Michael fills the vacancy left when the previous D of A Deputy Director Lee-Ann Easton accepted a position as Director for the Silver State Modernization Approach for Resources and Technology in the 21st Century (SMART 21).

“Designating the Department of Administration’s Deputy Director position as the State CIO helps elevate the critical responsibilities and functions Technology has for decades provided which are essential to the delivery of government services,” said Director Cates. “The State CIO is a key leader in IT strategy for the State of Nevada. I purposefully selected a State CIO with a strong private sector background to help guide us through this digital government transformation. Digital transformation is a road well-trod by the private sector and the State will be well served by Michael’s experience and leadership.”

For your records, here is Michael’s contact information:
T: (775) 684‐0207 | E: | website: