New State Public Works Administrator, Ward Patrick


Mary Woods
Public Information Officer
(775) 684-0202
Carson City, NV - May 10, 2018

Department of Administration Director, Patrick Cates, is proud to announce the appointment of Ward Patrick as the new State Public Works Division (SPWD) Administrator. Ward has worked for the Division for 22 years and served in his most recent capacity as Chief of Planning.

As Administrator, Ward is responsible to manage the architects, engineers, planners, building inspectors, plan examiners, leasing agents, building maintenance and support staff of this division. The sections within his oversight include Leasing Services, Buildings and Grounds, Facility Condition Analysis, Marlette Water System, Building Official and Engineering and Architectural Services. This diversified staff under Ward’s direction, provide Nevada state agencies with safe and efficient facilities to administer their programs.

Ward nurtured the capital improvement program and acquired grants in the areas of historic preservation, disaster mitigation, renewable energy and energy management. He offers to state agencies who have had a challenging time acquiring funding for important agency capital needs, to give him a call and he’ll help walk them through the capital funding process.

Throughout the 33-year-span of Ward’s Engineering career, he has worked diligently to help organizations achieve their programmatic objectives. As the SPWD Administrator, Ward will manage the day-to-day operations of the SPWD which includes all types of facility needs and will strive for continuous improvement in all activities of the Public Works Division.

Ward reports directly to Department of Administration Director Patrick Cates, and Ward’s direct reports include: Bruce Nipp, Interim Deputy Administrator of Professional Services; Ron Cothran, Deputy Administrator for Buildings and Grounds; and Jeff Graham, Deputy Administrator for Code Compliance and Enforcement. Ward’s Engineering degree is from Montana State University and his Master of Business Administration degree is from Eastern Washington University. Ward’s predecessor Gus Nunez, retired in December 2017, and the position was filled on an interim basis until last month by Chris Chimits who retired in May 2018.

For your records, here is Ward’s contact information:
(775) 684-4100,;